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Ladies and Gentlemen!

My name is Dmitriy Leonov.
I am a hypnologist, vice president of the Association of Creative and Medical Hypnosis, created in 1993 by an outstanding scientist and psychotherapist, professor V.L Raikov.
I am an practitioner and I express gratitude to my mentors and teachers, whose knowledge and experience gave me the opportunity to live up to my potential. Excellent professors and teachers of the Moscow Institute of Psychology, teachers of the Berkeley University (San Francisco, California), leading figures in classical and therapeutic hypnosis, their seminars, lectures, trainings, publications and research papers revealed to me the secrets of our difficult and important profession.

     The decade of my practicе has contributed to gaining the indispensable experience. My knowledge and ability to use rapid and modern as well as classic and effective hypnosis techniques are reflected in the results of the work with each client and participant of group sessions.
I express my sincere appreciation to all my students and clients, assuming that everybody deserve the highest praise, because an undecidable, extremely difficult and challenging task can be fulfilled only through joint efforts.

     Individual appointments and sessions are held at the client’s request, choosing the best techniques and taking into account the individual psychological characteristics.  At the first meeting we provide counseling, testing and carry out hypnotic session. The first meeting lasts 90 minutes.

Here some areas, I focused on:
— Fears. Phobias. Overcoming fear, anxiety, panic attacks,
— Alcohol and smoking abuse program,
— Love addiction program,
— Food addiction. Overeating, control of eating behavior,
— Weight management. Weight loss. Body correction (Author’s techniques),
— Recovery, rejuvenation, facial esthetics and body correction (A course of effective hypnotherapy sessions is combined in the program)
I carry out sessions in clinics, located near the underground stations:
— «Baumanskaya» , “Krasnoselskaya” (5 min walk from the underground station)

To receive more specific information and to make an appointment use this e-mail: leogipno@yandex.ru 

or the phone: +7 (966) 010-18-85 ((The phone is switched off during sessions)


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